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Connected world. Connected vehicles. Pair FordPass with FordPass Connect† to unlock a range of smart features. Once paired, your vehicle will communicate with the world around you, updating you with information about your car and keeping you moving in intelligent ways.


Check out the FordPass Pro app instead. We built it specifically to help make business smarter and more connected – for up to five vehicles.

FordPass effortlessly connected

Remote locking


Never wonder again if you locked the car when you're too far away to check. Use FordPass to remotely Lock and Unlock from anywhere, and get on with your day without worry. A man checking the settings of his All-New Ford Mustang Mach-E using the Remote Vehicle Control features in the FordPass app REMOTE START Cold morning? Get the car warmed and windows cleared, before you've even tied your laces. Remote start means your Ford is ready to go when you

Remote start


Cold morning? Get the car warmed and windows cleared, before you've even tied your laces. Remote start means your Ford is ready to go when you are.*

Security alert


SecuriAlert helps you to relax in the knowledge your vehicle is in a heightened state of security. If the doors are unlocked or opened, even with a duplicate key, it will send a notification to your smartphone.

Vehicle location


Can't find your Ford in a busy car park? Or lent it to a loved one? Maybe you want to check your car is where you left it. FordPass can show you its last recorded location on a map.

FordPass hybrid and electric cars

Charging station finder


With the FordPass app you can easily find charging stations around you or along your route, with information on charger types and the services you can enjoy while you wait.

Check your range


It's easy to go the extra mile when you know you've got the battery for it. Intelligent Range uses your driving behaviour, weather forecasts and crowdsourced data to accurately predict how much range you have left. Helping you plan your journey and charging stops, and avoid surprise.

EV trip planner


Set your desired destination and the FordPass app will work out the best available route and plan where you need to charge along the way.**


Plug in, walk away and relax. You can track your Ford's charging level in the app and get notified when it reaches your desired charge level and is ready to go. And if for some reason the charger comes unplugged, you'll know that too.


Make sure your electric vehicle is ready to go when you need it by setting preferred departure times. The app automatically sets the vehicle to charge beforehand, and starts the vehicle so it’s warmed and ready to go. Making life easy and maximising your battery’s range in all weather conditions.


Manage your charging through FordPass for a seamless charging experience within the BlueOval™ Charge Network. Link your Ford web account to your preferred payment method, with receipts emailed to you after each charging session. You can even share your account details with family or friends. Details of how to activate your 5 year BlueOval™ Charge Network trial, including 1 years access to preferential Ionity rates, will be provided with your FordPass Charging Card.**

*Remote Start only available in vehicles with automatic transmission

**Available on All-Electric Mustang Mach-E only

***Fees will apply for charging your Mach-E at public charging stations. The cost of charging at home will depend on your particular energy tariff.


FordPass mustang

Hazard information


A stream of data from other connected vehicles is designated to let your Ford spot hazards before they're even in sight. It identifies issues, like road works or a traffic jam, based on other vehicles' behaviour. Then lets the driver know what's happening ahead with a notification on the SYNC screen. *

Live traffic


Traffic happened, but the delays don't have to. Stay a step ahead and get automatically rerouted for a clearer journey with live traffic monitoring. Free for the first year of owning you Ford, and an easily managed subscription through your Ford Account. 

Drive smarter


Record every trip with My Journeys so you can view historical trips, distance travelled, duration, average speed, and more. And with Driving Insights you can examine your driving behaviour, such as breaking, cornering and acceleration. Together, these features help you to drive more efficiently and keep track of your vehicles' usage.

Get in and go


You know where you're heading before you leave the house, and now so does your car. Find your destination with FordPass, and send it straight from your phone to your vehicle. The direction will be ready and waiting.

Fuel reports


A monthly fuel report can help you improve the environmental impact and economy of your driving. Connect via AppLink to get an accurate, month-by-month report. You can easily switch between consumption and cost and compare from one month to the next.

*Local Hazard Information is a subscription service with a one year complimentary trial when you buy your new Ford.

FordPass kuga

Car health alerts


It's not what you know but how quickly you know it. See your vehicle's health status at a glance, and get alerts when you need them. With accurate updates on the vital things like tyre pressure and fluid levels. When everything's working fine, you won't be disturbed.

Road Assistance


Get help on the road and get on with your day. If you run into trouble, easily contact Roadside assistance in the app, and track them on their way to you. They'll be given your precise location, and information on your vehicle, so they know the issue before they even arrive.

Book a service


Servicing should be simple, so we made it that way. FordPass gives you handy service reminders and notifications, lets you easily request a service, and keeps a digital record of your service history so you can ditch the paperwork.


  • These how-to videos give you a detailed guide on how to get the most from FordPass. From initial setup; to activating FordPass Connect, discover how FordPass is your key to a more connected world.


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Imagery and information shown throughout this website may not reflect latest ROI specifications, colours may vary, options and/or accessories may be featured at additional cost and locations and vehicles used may be outside of the ROI. Ford policy is one of continuous product development. The right is reserved to change specifications, colours of the models and items illustrated and described on this website at any time.

Dealer fitted accessories are fitted after registration and could have an impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. The Combined Fuel Consumption (WLTP) and Combined CO2 Emissions (NEDC Equivalent) figures do not include dealer fitted accessories.

[†]FordPass Connect enables connected services and is available on selected vehicles or vehicles with navigation. FordPass Connect will be enabled at time of vehicle delivery. You may choose to opt in/out of certain data sharing. Data coverage and service is not available everywhere. Data rates may be incurred. FordPass and Connected Car Privacy Policies apply, available on your local Ford website.

[‡]To benefit from using this feature an active Ford Protect Plan with the Ford Roadside Assistance provider is required.


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